Information about Hemorrhoids

What are hemorrhoids? Found lining the lower rectum and anus, hemorrhoids are a cluster of veins that, when distended, resemble pinkish-blue ovals.


What causes hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can develop in a variety of circumstances, such as pregnancy, constipation, obesity or stress. They can even be hereditary. If hemorrhoids become swollen due to excess blood, they can be both uncomfortable and painful, dependent upon the severity of the case. Straining when in the bathroom can be a particularly common cause of hemorrhoids, as it places unnecessary pressure upon the blood vessels within the rectal wall. This is often a result of prolonged constipation.

Hemorrhoids can sometimes prolapse, meaning they move down from their regular position within the rectal cavity, and can be felt as tender, small lumps. Prolapsed hemorrhoids commonly shrink back into the rectum without the need for further treatment, but in the severest of cases the prolapse may become permanent and require medical attention.

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Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are common and in most instances devoid of any problematic symptoms. Severe cases, however, can present the following:
  • Bleeding immediately after a bowel movement
  • Prolapsed hemorrhoids, evident as tender lumps around the anus
  • Anal itching

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